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Will I Experience Discomfort after LASIK? By Daniel J Tepper on April 23, 2020

Right eye of female shows computerized cross hair mapping out LASIK procedureLASIK surgery frees you from the hassle of wearing glasses and contacts by reshaping the cornea over the lens to correct your vision. The safe and effective procedure delivers immediate results and long-term savings by allowing our patients to eliminate their use of eyeglasses and contacts.

If you are considering undergoing LASIK but have concerns about discomfort related to the procedure, Dr. Daniel J. Tepper and the eye care team at Wicker Park Eye Center in Chicago, IL, want you to know that the vast majority of people who undergo this safe procedure find discomfort minimal and quite tolerable. There are steps that patients can take to further reduce pain after LASIK.

Discomfort after LASIK: What to Expect and How to Minimize Pain

If patients do experience discomfort, it is usually 30 to 90 minutes after their treatment as the effects of numbing eye drops wear off. One way to minimize discomfort is to rest your eyes as the numbing drops wear off. Sleep if you can. Blinking is one source of irritation that can be reduced my resting your eyes for as long as possible.

Before you leave our Chicago eye center, you will be given details on pain medications that can alleviate discomfort as your eyes heal. A possible pain-reducing option includes oral pain medication. You will likely want to take pain medication before resting or napping at home.

When Will I Begin Noticing a Drop In Pain?

Most patients begin noticing a significant reduction in discomfort and an improvement in vision after a few hours following surgery. To ensure that your discomfort continues to steadily decline, we recommend that our Chicago patients take medications as recommended by our doctor and follow the recovery guidelines carefully.

The first day after surgery should be spent resting and keeping your eyelids closed as much as possible.

The Day after LASIK

Most patients will find that any lingering discomfort has largely subsided by the morning after LASIK. It is not uncommon for the eyes to feel more sensitive, especially to bright lights or sunlight. Staying indoors in a dimly lit room and avoiding anything that strains your eyes (TV or extended screen time) can help minimize discomfort during this period.

Continue to use prescription and lubricating eye drops as indicated by your recovery guidelines. Lubricating eye drops can help soothe your eyes, and the prescription eye drops reduce the risk of infection. Some of our patients find that applying an ice pack to their closed eyes provides temporary relief.

Report Potential Complications

Discomfort during the first several hours after surgery is normal. You should begin noticing a steady reduction in your pain over the course of the first day after LASIK. If you experience any sudden and significant increase in pain, let our office know immediately.

Although extremely rare, a drastic increase in eye pain could be a sign of a complication that needs to be addressed at our eye center immediately. Even if you are not experiencing serious pain but wish to discuss potential pain-management options, Dr. Tepper will be glad to provide further advice or medications as needed. Your comfort is important to us, so don’t hesitate to share your questions or concerns with us.

Schedule Your LASIK Procedure Today

Concerns over discomfort or pain shouldn’t stand between you and the freedom of perfect or near-perfect vision. Dr. Tepper will be glad to discuss your pain-related concerns with you during your consultation. You may be surprised to learn all the steps and procedures that our team undertakes to ensure that your LASIK treatment is as comfortable as possible.

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